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Dive into flavor with 10 shrimp, 2 fish strips, and golden fries – a seafood paradise in every bite.


Satisfy your crunch cravings with 3 tenders and a heap of fries – a classic combo of crispy and juicy.


Explore a flavor adventure with 5 or 10 Game Wings, served with fries – a masterpiece of seasoning and texture.

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The Daily Baskets

Fried Pork short ribs w/fries $15
Fried Pork short ribs w/fries-$15.00
3pc Tenders w/fries $10
3pc Tenders w/fries- $10.00
Shrimp w/fries $13
Shrimp w/fries- $13.00
Jumbo Shrimp w/fries $15
Jumbo Shrimp w/fries-$15.00
5pc- Game wings w/fries $10
5pc- Game wings w/fries- $10.00
3pc Fish Strips w/fries $10
3pc Fish Strips w/fries- $10.00
3pc Whole Wings w/fries $10
3pc Whole Wings w/fries- $10.00
Hamburger or Cheeseburger- w/fries $10
Hamburger or Cheeseburger- w/fries $10.00
Chopped Brisket Sandwich w/fries $16
Chopped Brisket Sandwich w/fries - $16

Combo Meals

Shrimp & 2pc Fish Strips w/fires- $17.00 $17
Shrimp & 2pc Fish Strips w/fires- $17.00
3pc Tenders & 2pc Fish Fillet w/fires-$20.00 $20
3pc Tenders & 2pc Fish Fillet w/fires-$20.00
2pc Whole Wing w/2pc Fish Fillet w/fires $20
2pc Whole Wing w/2pc Fish Fillet w/fires-$20.00

BBQ Plates

One meat w/two sides. $15
One meat-$15.00 w/two sides.
Two meats w/two sides. $23
Two meats-$23.00 w/two sides.


Baked Beans $2
Baked Beans
Potato Salad $2
Potato Salad
Green Beans $2
Green Beans


Sliced Brisket $15
Sliced Brisket - $15
Chopped Brisket $15
Chopped Brisket $15.00
Pork Rib Bites $15
Pork Rib Bites $15
Sliced Links $15
Sliced Links $15.00
Turkey Legs only $15
Turkey Legs only - $15

Solo Snack Packs

3 Buffalo Chicken Tacos $12
3 Buffalo Chicken Tacos- $12.00
Loaded Chicken fries $12
Loaded Chicken fries- $12.00
Brisket Nachos $12
Brisket Nachos- $12.00
Buffalo Chicken Salad $10
Buffalo Chicken Salad- $10.00

All Time Favorite Menu

Dive into a symphony of flavors with our signature menu, featuring irresistible classics and innovative delights that capture the essence of Kimora Fish and Chicken’s culinary excellence.

Shrimp $17
Immerse yourself in a sea of flavor with our Shrimp Spectacle. Indulge in a generous serving of 10 succulent shrimp and 2 crispy fish strips, perfectly complemented by a side of golden fries.
Tender $10
Craving the perfect crunch? Our Tender Temptation is here to satisfy. Enjoy 3 delicious chicken tenders paired with a heap of savory fries.
Wing $15
Enter the Wing Wonderland and embark on a flavor adventure. Choose between our 5pc or 10pc Game Wings, served with a generous helping of fries.

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